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Radio-Kaktus Münster e.V.

14. February  · It has been 60 years since workers came from Turkey to help rebuild destroyed Germany after the Second World War. With suitcases full of hopes, but also fears, they left their homeland and came to a foreign country that was to become a new home for many people years later. What can be said in retrospect about the 60-year history of German-Turkish immigration? One answer to this question can be found in the new anthology by the Münster-based editor Molla Demirel, in which the stories of the guest workers are examined from the perspectives of academics, artists and literary figures. The book can be obtained by mail or in person from Radio Kaktus Münster e.V.  Pre-orders can be made at kaktus.ms@gmx.de or (0)251 – 674 24 32. 100% of all proceeds go to children’s and youth work.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdUlDZkLTLoYOUTUBE.COM Migration – Arbeit – Utopie / 60 Jahre Einwanderungsgeschichte Türkei – Europa (Buch)



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